Part 5

For questions 62-74, read the following job advertisement and use the information in this text to complete the numbered gaps in the informal letter. Then write the new words in the correct spaces on your answer sheet. Use no more than two words for each gap. The words you need do not occur in the advertisement. The exercise begins with an example (0).



An exceptional individual is sought to succeed the present director, Ms Jane Fairbrother, who will be vacating the post in the new year to take up a new appointment in Edinburgh.

The successful applicant will ideally be a university graduate in Business Administration and have the ability to take charge of the department in a period of rapid change. Experience in a company that manufactures similar products would be a distinct advantage. Applicants must demonstrate a proven record of success. The Marketing Director is responsible for a department of over 30 staff and the position entails a considerable amount of overseas travel.

Benefits include generous leave (42 days p.a.), a subsidised canteen, and a range of sporting and social facilities. Salary is negotiable according to experience.

Please e-mail you application with full career details to:

The closing date is 30 November.


You know I promised to tell you if I heard of any interesting jobs going? Well, our company is (0)       a new Marketing Director — the ad goes in

next week.

The new director will be (62) ….. from Jane Fairbrother, who’s leaving because she’s been (63)      a new job in Scotland. Since you have (64) ….. in Business Administration you’ll stand a good chance. I can just see you as the (65) of the department. You are working in the same (66) ….. (which is what they want) and you have  done (67)…… in your present job that they are bound to be impressed. If you get the job, you’ll have more than 30 people (68)            and you would have to make a number of (69) ….. . The holidays you get are (70)…… , and the canteen food is edible and doesn’t (71)…….. As for the money they will pay, you will have to (72) ….. with them — it (73) ….. your experience. Your application must (74) ….. by 30 November, so get your skates on!