Part 2

Choose one of the following writing tasks. Your answer should follow exactly the instructions given. Write approximately 250 words.

The magazine published by your English club has been encouraging readers to exchange information about books they have enjoyed reading in English. The books can be of any type (not only literature). Write a short review including  a brief  summary of a book which you have enjoyed reading, saying why you think others might enjoy it and what they might learn from it.

  • You have been invited to write an article for PROJECT 2000, an international magazine which covers interesting and important developments throughout the world. The article must draw readers’ attention to and raise interest in the main challenge faced by young people in your country at the start of the twenty-first century.

Write the article.

  • A British film company would like to make a 30-minute video for tourists about your town. You have been invited to submit proposals stating:
    • what places the video should show and why
    • who it would be interesting to have interviewed on the video and why
    • what is special about the character of your town that the video should try to

Write your proposal.

  • Your company or organisation  is considering the possibility  of setting up a branch  or office in another country  but has not yet decided  where the best  place to establish itself would be. You have been asked to write a report recommending a location which you feel would be

Write the report, naming the location you have chosen and explaining  why  you feel it would be suitable. Refer  to relevant  factors such as geographical  position, potential for recruiting staff, communications and any other important features.