Part 1

For questions 1-15, read the article  below  and then decide  which word best fits each space. Put the letter you choose for each question in the correct box on your answer sheet. The exercise begins with an example (0).


0 B 0



Police are hunting for a hit-and-run driver who knocked a teenage  cyclist  off her bike in East Street. Sarah Tucker, 17, had a lucky (0) on Friday,

13th May, when she was sent reeling by a black Volvo on her way home from work.

She  bruised  her  thigh  and  shoulder  and  her  bicycle  was  (1)       The driver stopped for a moment but then drove off without (2) ….. a name or address and before Sarah could get his number.  “I  tried to (3) ….. out of  his way, but I couldn’t,”  she said.  “Everyone  at work kept  (4)        on about it being Friday 13th. I’m not a bit (5) ….. and wouldn’t change any of my plans just because Friday 13th is supposed to be unlucky, I don’t usually take any (6) of that sort of thing but I will now. I think I’ll stay in bed.”

The accident (7) ….. at the (8) ….. with Westwood  Road  at  about  6.30pm as Sarah was making her (9) home to the Harley Estate.

The Volvo (10) ….. out of Westwood Road onto Henley Road in front of the teenager’s bicycle. “He could  at (11) ….. have helped her  up. I don’t  see why he should get away with it,” said her father, Derek. “Sarah was lucky.  I  don’t  know  why  the  driver  didn’t  see  her.  He  can’t  have been (12) ….. attention. It is (13) ….. that nobody took down  the  number.” Though  still too  (14)  …..  to  ride  a bike,  Sarah  was  able  to  go  back  to (15) ….. in Marlow on Monday.

0 A break B escape C escapade D incident
1 A crashed B harmed C devastated D damaged
2 A leaving B presenting C noting D suggesting
3 A go B get C be D stay
4 A chatting B running C going D rambling
5 A irrational B prejudiced C unreasonable D superstitious
6 A notice B consideration C note D care
7 A took place B came about C finished up D turned up
8 A junction B joining C roundabout D crossing
9 A route B course C way D path
10 A pulled B thrust C ran D crashed
11 A once B least C most D best
12 A paying B giving C attracting D providing
13 A unfavourable B inopportune C undesirable D unfortunate
14 A discouraged B shaken C overcome D confused
15 A work B post C job D employment