Part 1

While on holiday in New Zealand, you were very upset when you lost your backpack. You reported this to the police. Now, some time later, you are back home and, to your amazement, you receive through the post your backpack with all its contents except your passport, together with an unsigned note.

Read the Missing Articles statement below and the note on page 14. Then, using the information provided, write the two letters.



Description of article(s):

1 large, green backpack with badges from Japan, Bali and Australia.


1 35 mm camera  in  black  case and 3 rolls of used film  1 passport — No. O-H-65839

1 red leather address book Various items  of  clothing 1 1999 diary

Various toiletries.

Where last seen:         Auckland bus station

Date reported:  14.04.99

Reference:                   MG/JEB/148

Now write:

  • a letter to the Editor of the Auckland News, describing what happened, and conveying your thanks to the person who found your backpack; you would also like to repay the cost of sending the backpack to you (about 200 words)
  • a brief letter to the New Zealand police containing relevant information about the returned backpack (about 50 words).

You do not need to include addresses. You should use your own words as far as possible.