Part 2

For questions 16-30, complete the following article by writing the missing words in the correct box on the answer sheet. Use only one word for each space. The exercise begins with an example (0).


Put simply, an allergy is a disorder in which the body over-reacts to  harmless substances which in normal circumstances should not produce  any reaction at all. An allergy can occur in almost (0)  …..  part  of  your body,  and  can  (16)  …..  caused  by  just  about  anything.  Mainly  (17)     , allergies  become  evident  on parts  of  the body  directly  exposed  (18) ….. the outside world. Certain allergies occur only at certain times of the year, while (19) ….. are there all the time. Those (20)      occur all the year round are  probably  caused  by  something  you  come  into  contact  (21)     every day of your life, some seemingly harmless object (22) …..  as  your deodorant (23) ….. the pillow you lie on each night. Allergies can occur at any time during your life, (24) ….. usually do so before  your  fortieth birthday. Sometimes the symptoms are (25) ….. slight you do  not  even know you have an allergy, and it may take years (26) ….. an allergy to become  noticeable.  It all depends  (27) ….. the amount  of the substance to (28) ….. you are exposed and for how (29) ….. . Sometimes an allergy can disappear as (30) ….. as it arrived, without any treatment. Sometimes it comes and goes for no apparent reason, and with no regularity.