Task 1

Your friend wants to learn a foreign language but he doesn’t know where to start. Advise him about what he can do to achieve his goal.

Task 2

Talk about your favorite place you love to go again and again. Why this place became so special for you?

Task 3:

Describe some things that are happening in the picture below as well as you can. The person with whom you are speaking cannot see the picture.


Task 4

In this picture, what do you think will most probably happen next?


Task 5

You have a special family event coming soon, where are going to be many guests, and you must choose a place to celebrate it. You find two suitable options. Using the pictures and information below, choose the option that you prefer.
In the next section, you will need to persuade your family members that your choice is the better choice.
Let’s say that you chose the place on the left picture and your family is suggesting another location. Persuade your family members that what you chose is more suitable by comparing the two.

Task 6

Your son Tom asks you to buy him a dog. But you have just moved into the apartment that has a no-pet policy.
Choose one:
Either Talk to your son Tom and explain why you cannot buy him a dog.
Talk to a building manager and explain why he should allow your son to adopt a dog.

Task 7:

If the question is about the education system.

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