CELPIP Listening Test 1

Listening Test Instructions

  1. Once you leave a page, you cannot go back to it to change your answers.
  2. Watch the timer in the top right corner to make sure that you complete the Listening Test before the time is up.


  • You will hear a conversation in 3 sections. You will hear each section only once.
  • After each section, you will hear 2 or 3 questions. You will hear the questions only once.
  • Choose the best answer to each question.

Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to the statement.

I want to see the concert again.

I didn’t attend the concert. 

The concert was cancelled.

The concert wasn’t good.


  • You will hear a conversation between a student and a teacher in an art class. He is the teacher and she is a student.
  • Listen to the conversation. You will hear the conversation only once. It is about 1 to 1.5 minutes long.

Choose the best answer to each question.

The workshop rules

Painting tips using oil paints

The use of odourless thinner in the workshop 

The difference between turpentine and linseed oil

It is mandatory in the workshop.

It won’t make others sick.

It has toxic chemicals.

It does a better job than turpentine.

Visit the art supply store. 

Get set up for painting.

Borrow some odourless thinner.

Begin painting.


Use of line

Placement of the horizon..

Use of a photo reference

Depends on artist’s preference

The viewer’s eye level Correct Answer.

Eye level of the painter

In the middle of a painting

She doesn’t know anything about how to paint.

She is a competent painter.

She has forgotten much about painting.

She needs only a minimal amount of help.

How to render her painting

How to paint clouds

Which method to use

What brushes she should use

She used a sponge.

She used paper towels.

She used a flat brush.

She used a fan brush.

Information about the area

Help in doing laundry

Directions of a good coffee house

Some space on the table 

People are selfish when using tables in the Laundromat.

It is difficult to find a table to use.

People are willing to share table space with others.

There are no tables that people can use.

He needed to wash his clothes urgently.

His washing machine broke down.

He doesn’t know how to handwash his clothes.

He doesn’t have a washing machine at home.

All machines working properly

People willing to share table space

Less crowd in the place.

Nice people helping others

Go to a nice park.

Get a cup of coffee. Correct Answer.

Put away their laundry.

Walk around the neighbourhood.

A teacher

An Inuit

A tribal leader

A folklorist

To give people a strong background

To protect the existence of culture Correct Answer.

To have pride in one’s culture

To give people a sense of identity

It was a social activity among friends.

It was a source of hand exercise.

It was a game for making wagers.

It was solely for fun and passing time.

To bring different tribes together

As a fun activity at carnivals

As a means of spreading Inuit traditions

To encourage Dene culture

It is a game including two players.

It involves hiding an object and guessing where it is.

It is based on throwing and catching an object.

It requires finding a previously hidden object.

Elaborate hand signals and gestures are used to hide and find an object.

One person hides an object and the other tries to find it.

The team hiding the object uses hand gestures to give signals.

Participants perform magic tricks trying to outdo each other.

Choose the best way to complete each statement

1. A beader has been making beaded name tags 

that represent the Northwest territories.

for RCMP officers in her community.

that people can use to accessorize their dresses.

that have become an official part of RCMP uniforms.

2. She made a name tag for the RCMP officer 

as he belonged to her community.

after befriending him.

as a gesture of thankfulness.

because he liked the design.

3. The idea of making beaded name became popular 

when other officers started asking for their own name tags.

because each one is the same in colour.

as they are made with blue, white and yellow beads.

because they could easily be pinned on using Velcro.

4. According to the uniform policy, 

officers can change their uniforms.

the alteration of a uniform is not allowed.

officers’ use of the name tags is acceptable.

the beaded name tags are discrete.

5. One benefit of the name tags is that 

they honour First Nation traditions.

they help bridge the gap between officers and the local people.

they are admired by different members of the community. other people besides officers are requesting their own tag.

CELPIP Speaking Test 2

Question 1

Preparation: 30 seconds Speaking: 90 seconds

Your friend is trying to get in shape for the summer. Give him some advice on how he can get in perfect shape.

My Answer

Hey Ryan,
It’s great to hear that you want to get in shape! I’ve learned a lot about fitness over the past few years and I’d be happy to give you some tips. I think the best way to get in shape is to focus on three things: diet, exercising, and routine.
When I first started working out, the biggest mistake I made was not paying enough attention to my diet. Diet is so crucial! Fitness experts say that abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. So if you want to have a beach body, you need to eat low-sugar, low-carb foods. Also, if you want a really toned body, you should focus a lot on cardio. Personally, I like running in the mornings and biking in the evenings. I know you like swimming, so that would be a great option as well. Lifting weights is also important if you want to look ripped. Some guys have no body fat, but they’re really skinny. Ideally, you want low body fat AND big muscles. To build muscle, you need to consume a lot of protein. I would recommend eating chicken or beef at least once a day and drinking a protein shake after every workout. If you do the right things, you’ll see significant results after two or three weeks. The most important thing is to stay consistent. Try to make a routine for yourself that you really enjoy. If you want to bulk up, focus on weightlifting. If you want to trim down, focus on cardio. Anyway, there’s my two cents! Best of luck in your new goal! Maybe next time I see you, you’ll have a six-pack!

Question 2

Preparation: 30 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds

Talk about your favorite class in high school. Why did you enjoy it?

My Answer

My favourite class in high school was biology. There were several aspects of the class I enjoyed. The first thing that comes to mind is the unit we did on the reproductive system. It was a bit awkward because we learned all about male and female anatomy. We talked openly about women’s menstrual cycles and how a man gets an erection. That definitely evoked a few giggles from the class. Even though it was a bit awkward, I think everyone really enjoyed it. Another aspect of the class I really enjoyed was dissecting animals. I remember one day we dissected frogs and all the girls in the class freaked out. I felt a bit uncomfortable too, but I learned so much in the process! Probably the biggest reason that biology was my favourite class was that the teacher was so
down to earth and friendly. Unlike a lot of my other teachers in high school, she was really approachable! I was never scared to ask a question. She was really knowledgeable about the subject and aways helped us when we needed it. Her classes were super engaging, and I never got bored! When I think back about biology class, it makes me realize that a teacher can totally make or break the class!

Question 3

Preparation: 30 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds

Describe this scene

My Answer

This is a picture of a really messy bathroom. In the middle of the picture, there is a plumber staring at a broken pipe. He looks perplexed. He is holding a wrench in his hand and trying to figure out how to fix the water leak. He is wearing blue overalls, a red work shirt, brown boots, and a red hat. On the left side of the picture, there is a dirty sink and a broken mirror. In the lower left corner there is a muddy floor mat. In fact, there is mud all over the floor and walls. Next to the floor mat, there is a blue soap dispenser. In the upper right corner, there is a crooked picture on the wall and a spider hanging down from its web. Below the picture, there is a cat standing on the toilet. Behind the toilet, there is a hole in the wall with a mouse in it. To the right of the hole is a drain. Anyway, I hope I’ve provided a good description of the scene!

Question 4

Preparation: 30 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds

Make predictions

My Answer

There are lots of things I think will happen next in this scene. The first thing the plumber will do is try to fix the water leak. After he gets that under control, he’s gonna replace the broken mirror. He might have to go buy a new one, then come back and install it. I think he has been hired by a family to fix their bathroom, so he’s gonna try to do a really good job because his reputation depends on it. He’s
gonna straighten the crooked picture, refill the soap dispenser, plug the mouse hole, kill the spider, sweep and mop the floor, wash the walls, disinfect the toilet and sink, and leave the entire bathroom spick and span. I think the cat will start drinking water out of the toilet and end up slipping into the toilet and getting soaked! The spider is gonna crawl down its web and attack the mouse, but I think the mouse will escape. In the end, the plumber will be successful in his endeavours and put up his feet for a while.

Question 5

Selection: 60 seconds Preparation: 60 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds

Your sister is trying to decide what to study in college. She has narrowed down her options and wants your advice. Choose the option you think would be best for her and convince her that your choice is the best for her.

She has suddenly taken an interest in photography. Convince her that your choice is better.

My Answer

Hey Angela,
I know you’re considering your options about what to study in college. I really think you should go for hairdressing. I think that’s much more in line with your personality. I remember when you were a kid, you would play with barbie dolls and spend hours combing and braiding their hair. So, I think you would enjoy hairdressing even more than photography. The nice thing about hairdressing is that you would make ten grand more a year. That would really help you out in the long run! Even though the tuition cost is double, you would easily make that back in a year, so I don’t think that’s a very important factor. Another thing to consider is that photography equipment is really expensive. If you bought your own gear right after graduation, that would probably set you back at least ten grand anyway! Even though the photography program is three months shorter, that’s a minor factor when you consider the rest of your life! The most important thing is to find something you love to do. I think if you studied hairdressing, you would easily get a job afterwards and have a rewarding career!

Question 6

Preparation: 60 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds
Your friends want you to go fishing with them tomorrow, but you have to work. You decide to skip work and go fishing. You have to call your boss and make up an excuse for your absence. What do you

My Answer

Hi Mr. Brown, it’s Jeff calling here.
I’m just calling to tell you that unfortunately I won’t be able to come to work tomorrow. My best friend had a snowboarding accident and broke his collarbone. I need to drive him to the hospital for X-rays tomorrow. He doesn’t have anyone else to drive him. I’ll have to drive him back home as well, and since I don’t know how long the appointment will take, I’ll just have to wait there with him. I’m really sorry for the late notice, but my friend just had the accident this afternoon. I contacted Diane at work and she said she would be happy to take over my responsibilities for the day, so you won’t have to find any replacement for me. I’d be happy to do some extra work on the weekend to make up for
my absence. I really appreciate your understanding in this matter and I’ll be back at work on Wednesday at 8 a.m. sharp!

Question 7

Preparation: 30 seconds Speaking: 90 seconds
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Parents are the best teachers.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

My Answer

I definitely agree that parents are the best teachers. There are several reasons why I believe this. First off, parents spend far more time with their children than any school teacher does. Most kids don’t start going to school till they’re 5 years old. I think it could be argued that a child learns more in those first five years than they do in the rest of their life. For example, they learn how to talk; they learn how to eat; they learn how to use the bathroom. Even when a kid is in school, they still spend more time with their parents than with any of their teachers. The second reason why I think parents are the best teachers is because they care the most about their kids. Usually, the people who care the most try the hardest. Sure, most school teachers care about their students, but at the end of the day, it’s just a job. They have so many new students every year that they can’t possibly develop a real relationship with any of them. Parenting, on the other hand, is much more than a job. It’s a life of commitment and sacrifice. The third thing I would say about parenting is that it provides a different kind of education. Parents are the ones who teach their kids how to share their toys, how to eat healthy food, how to deal with conflict, how to express emotions. These aspects of life are far more important in the long run. That’s why I think parents are the best teachers.

Question 8

Preparation: 30 seconds Speaking: 60 seconds
You are at an art store and see a painting you think your friend will like. Call him up and describe the painting to him.

My Answer

Hey Peter, it’s Jess calling here.
I’m just in an art store right now, and I’m looking at an abstract painting that you might like. The store
staff won’t let me take a picture of it and send it to you, so I’ll just try to describe it to you. There’s a big bridge in the middle of the picture that looks like the Golden Gate Bridge. In the centre of the picture, there’s a woman sitting on the bridge. Her body takes up the entire middle of the frame, so obviously, sizes are not to scale in the picture. Another strange thing about the woman is that she has four arms. On one of her right arms, she’s holding a pigeon. A racoon is sitting on her left shoulder. She has brown hair and green eyes. She’s wearing a mask that goes around her eyes. She’s wearing a coral-coloured top with a black skirt. In the background of the picture, there are some tall buildings, a sunset, and some clouds. In the foreground, there are some green hills and trees. The whole picture has a yellowish tint to it which gives the painting an interesting mood. Anyway, I know how much you love abstract art, so I figured I’d give you a shout and see if you want me to buy it for you.

CELPIP Speaking Test 1

Task 1

Your friend wants to learn a foreign language but he doesn’t know where to start. Advise him about what he can do to achieve his goal.

Task 2

Talk about your favorite place you love to go again and again. Why this place became so special for you?

Task 3:

Describe some things that are happening in the picture below as well as you can. The person with whom you are speaking cannot see the picture.


Task 4

In this picture, what do you think will most probably happen next?


Task 5

You have a special family event coming soon, where are going to be many guests, and you must choose a place to celebrate it. You find two suitable options. Using the pictures and information below, choose the option that you prefer.
In the next section, you will need to persuade your family members that your choice is the better choice.
Let’s say that you chose the place on the left picture and your family is suggesting another location. Persuade your family members that what you chose is more suitable by comparing the two.

Task 6

Your son Tom asks you to buy him a dog. But you have just moved into the apartment that has a no-pet policy.
Choose one:
Either Talk to your son Tom and explain why you cannot buy him a dog.
Talk to a building manager and explain why he should allow your son to adopt a dog.

Task 7:

If the question is about the education system.